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Interview with Yuricon’s Erica Friedman

Posted on: July 5, 2009


1) Can you give us a general idea about the current state of OEL yuri at this time? (You don’t have to discuss sales or give figures of any sort, just tell us if more people are becoming more aware of OEL yuri or supportive or not).

I don’t know if the manga audience in the west is really sophisticated enough to be able to answer that. There are people who only want what they want – usually something they’ve seen scanlated – there are people that want to “support” Yuri, and will buy anything and then there’s some folks who only want to complain, regardless.

I don’t sell Yuri Monogatari as OEL, or as manga, really, but as “lesbian stories” so our audience is a little different. I’m not sure there is a “OEL manga” audience, but some western artists have managed to find a following.

I think the concept of OEL manga is in flux and will keep evolving, as western independent artists who draw in a more manga style than Indie comix style find their own space.

Yuri is its own small niche and the folks who support it are looking for good stories, not so much a particular style.

> 3) What work of yuri was the turning point for you in deciding it was the genre you would support?

Sailor Moon. I was blown away by Sailor Uranus as voiced by Ogata megumi, and started becoming interested in the world of anime and manga in general.

I started publishing because of Rica Takashima’s “Rica ‘tte Kanji!?” It was our first book at ALC and is still our best seller.

> 4) I personally like dark psychologically driven stories, or historical fiction, what yuri title by any publisher would you recommend for me? (^_^)

I don’t make recommendations, because my tastes and other people’s are not similar. I strongly recommend joining the Yuricon Mailing List (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon) and asking folks there. They love to share their opinions. 🙂

> Is there sci-fi yuri?

Sure. I can think of Stellvia, both anime and manga made it over here and Simoun (anime only).

I’m sure there’s more. There’s some Yuri in any number of genres.

5) What can yuri offer to people who would otherwise never think of picking up a f/f romance.

depends on what they are looking for. Yuri in Japan is not a “genre” so much as a quality. There may be a great story that has a Yuri character or subplot within a larger story. A good story that grabs you is a good story.

6) Have you tried reading western f/f e-books or paperbacks? If so, how different are they from works from Japan.

I don’t read ebooks, I prefer to hold books in my hand. No Kindle for me. 🙂 Books are books – that’s like asking how are business books different in the West and Japan? It all depends on the aurthor, the genre, what I’m reading for? I can’t compare  Konno Oyuki with Sarah Waters because they write completely different kinds of books. Good authors write good books, bad ones write bad ones, in any language.

7) What is your all time favorite pairing and why?

Tenoh Haruka and Kaoih Michiru, Sailors Uranus and Neptune, from Sailor Moon. They were presented as an actual long-term couple and it came across.

8) Yaoi readers have the uke/seme relationship, does yuri have a similar arrangement?

Yuri readers will use the same terms, but in the lesbian world, we have butch/femme or tachi/neko in Japanese. These roles aren’t completely analogous to uke/seme. I’ve written about this a number of times on my blog, Okazu (http://okazu.blogspot.com) where i also review many many kinds of Yuri anime and manga, so hopefully people can find something that appeals to them.

9) Please leave us with any comments/words we should know about yuri. Are there any stereotypes you wish to dispel or any new trends which should be noted here?

Every generation redefines what “Yuri” means to them. Each generation thinks its the first ever to see the signs in anime and manga. It’s all fine. Whatever makes people happy is cool.

10) Tell us what to expect from ALC in the near future.

We *just* released “Yuri Monogatari 6″ (http://tinyurl.com/bgnvut) our most recent anthology of Yuri. We’re hoping to have the next volume of “Shoujoai ni Bouken” out next.


Looking for yuri manga where the girl gets the girl? ALC Publishing has what you want!

Yuricon – “For real women who like their women…animated.”


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