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Posted on: July 5, 2009

SLEIGHT OF HAND by Katrina Strauss

It would be difficult to say ‘no’ to Sir Marco Satori especially when you’re in his gloved hands.
Is he a magician, hypnotist, both or more?
Siblings Edwin and Alma both fall under Satori’s spell on their fateful train trip. The mysterious and charismatic man has specific plans for the male youth weakened by ill health and repressed desires.

Sleight of Hand is a novella based on one’s mind releasing it’s most forbidden desires.
The man with the key to the hidden lust within Edwin is Satori.

art by Anne Cain

art by Anne Cain

Katrina, the creator of the Blue Ruin series, TORTURES the reader with the short-length of the work.
Kitty how dare you not turn this into a full length novel?!? Or a manga? I’m on the floor flailing as I try to imagine Satori’s origins, Edwin’s and Alma’s relationship (is there more than just a simple sibling bond?) and what lies in store for these characters.
Although I can hope for a prequel AND sequel my task is to review the work I have right now.

For such a short story I was impressed by the rich detail which painted an accurate atmosphere of the 19th century. The author is comfortable in describing the environment and the social conditions in which the characters lived. I enjoyed how the situation for Alma’s marriage was established yet this doll-like, sweet, sweet girl provided such a delightful twist at the end and became a fascinating character in her own right. Edwin for most of the story was a decent uke for Satori’s predatorial impulses but hang-on folks, just as Alma wasn’t exactly the perfect young lady, her brother does not take magician’s deception lying down (well he does take it lying down but that’s not what I’m talking about!). I tend to favor feisty ukes so my only whiny complaint is that Ms. Strauss draw out the conflict a bit longer.

If you are concerned about the m/m scenes, I guarantee that this work will leave you satisfied.

Cleverly written with flawless prose and memorable characters leave me no choice than to give this work a “paws up” from the YaoiandYuri cat!

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1 Response to "Get your hands on…"

Thanks for the paws up! I’m happy you enjoyed Sleight of Hand so much. I’ve left the beginnings of a sequel on the backburner and plan to return to it before year’s end.

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