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Interview with Ally Blue

Posted on: December 12, 2008

The following interview was made possible by Kikue Mugen who LOVED Ally’s WILLOW BEND.



* What inspired you to write?

The adoration of the masses! LOL. Seriously, I started off writing band slash many years ago. People seemed to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, so I decided to try my hand at original character fiction. Though I guess I’ve always been a writer at heart. When I was a kid I used to write and illustrate books about the (entirely imaginary) adventures of my sister *g*

* Name some other novels you’d recommend to readers who enjoy your work.

Oh wow. There are so many! Let’s see if I can narrow it down a little…
– Jet Mykle’s Heaven Sent series, from Loose Id. Totally yummy series about the members of her fictional band Heaven Sent. My personal favorite of the bunch is Hell, because the title character is just SO adorable!
– J.L. Langley’s gay space regency series. Yes you read that correctly *g* My Fair Captain is the first book in the series. The second book, The Englor Affair, just came out this month. Both book are available from Samhain Publishing. These books are HOT HOT HOT, and chock full of intriguing plot to boot.
– Phoenix Rising by Kimberley Gardner, from MLR Press. Anyone who loves massive angst followed by a lovely happy ending NEEDS to read this book. Seriously.

* What is your favorite novel and why?

My favorite novel of all time (other than Lord of the Rings which is a category by itself IMHO) is Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon. It’s an absolutely beautiful book. Exciting, fun, heartwrenching, and magical all at once. A close second — and sometimes first, depending on my mood — is Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert R. Heinlein. It changed my life. I’ve never had any story before or since shift my worldview quite like this one did. Maybe because I first read it as an impressionable teen, I don’t know. But it still affects me now as strongly as it ever did.

If you mean romance novels, sorry, I can’t pick one. My favorite changes daily! LOL.

* Do you have any actors or models which you use to inspire your character’s looks?

Not really, no. My characters tend to be inspired by real people (musicians, friends, loved ones) when it comes to their personality traits, but their looks tend to just take shape in my head with no real rhyme or reason. I’ve only had a couple whose looks strongly resembled any actual people I’d seen. Which is probably why I can hardly ever find pictures of my guys for the cover artists. Pity the poor artists, working with only my descriptions to guide them! Yet they always do such an amazing job!

* Please let us know what future works you have in store for us and list the publishers.

Right now I’m working on a new novel for Samhain. The title is Adder and it’s about a singer/violinist/oddball personality and the hot-tempered drummer who changes his life. Fun stuff *g* After that, I’ll be working on a novella called Naked Richmond for Loose Id. That one’s more of a romantic suspense, which is something I haven’t really done for a while so I’m looking forward to that.

For anyone who’s been following my Bay City Paranormal Investigations series, Dean’s story is coming out in January. It’s called Where The Heart Is, and I can promise you all the angst and hot mansex you can handle. AND a happy ending for dear, sweet Dean. Check out the blurb and an excerpt:
Find out more about the series here:

* You mentioned that “Willow Bend” had specific sentimental meaning to you can you elaborate (just reveal as much as you feel comfortable to do so please).

My mom died of a brain tumor just over eleven years ago. I was hundreds of miles away with two babies instead of taking care of her, but Cory’s emotions in this book are pretty much mine, especially at the time of her death. Plus, I saw how it nearly killed my dad to take on the burden of full-time care plus working. Details and some circumstances are changed, but the feelings and emotions Cory has in the book are taken directly from real life. Hopefully that helps the story ring true with readers. Writing Willow Bend was therapy of a sort for me, and I find it very healing to have so many people email me to say how much the story touched them 🙂

* Feel free to let us know more about yourself as a writer such as your writing schedule and how you tackle writer’s block if you’ve experienced it.

Schedule? What is this “schedule” you speak of?
Seriously, I have no set schedule. I work full time, and that plus family, friends, hobbies, etc means I write when I can, pretty much. I feel very lucky in that I’ve never experienced serious writer’s block. I’ve had trouble finding time to get down as many words as I need — it’s a daily struggle, in fact — but I usually know more or less where the story’s going and how I want to get it there. Crossing my fingers that doesn’t change…

Please visit this link to buy some of Ally’s books.



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Cool review and am enjoying your blog much!

Interview, not review. Brain in gear!

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