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YURI IN SPANISH “The Yuri Project”

Posted on: November 12, 2008



Authors: Malena, UtenaBCN and Lyra
Nº of Pages: 70
Price: 3,50€ / 4,45$

Issue number 4 of The Yuri Project will be available at the Barcelona MangaCon and soon online at the webpage. Like previous years the fanzine is made by Spanish artists that collaborated with illustrations, doujinshis and original manga.
In this issue we are proud to present an introductory guide to yuri, a Naruto doujinshi and illustrations of popular series such as D. Grayman, Shagukan no Shana, Fruits Basket, Claymore, Utena, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and One Piece. Gag strips of famous series as Marimite, Ouran High School Host Club or Nana will be there too.
On the original side, we have “Affaire”, the dramatic end of the Victorian romance between two noble women. In “Un gesto entre mil palabras” and “Crime” we see two strangers losing themselves into the attraction while in “Un lugar en mi corazón” it’s two childhood friends that can’t get through their jealousy. “Incomunicación” is a funny short story about two women who are very much in love but lack a bit of communication.



1 Response to "YURI IN SPANISH “The Yuri Project”"

Nice! I didn’t know about this project. We’ll b checking it out at the Hispanic Yuri Community, thanks!

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