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Soul of the Night Video + Interview

Posted on: October 1, 2008

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Soul of the Night Video

The video was created by Anne Cain, one of the hottest yaoi artists here in the west.

Character design by Anne Cain : clicky : for large image

Interview with co-creator Barbara Sheridan

1) What inspired you to write the book?

Barb–We became intrigued by the history and life of the vampire Kiyoshi who was originally supposed to be the minor character/vehicle for our Mr. Shu to become a vampire in the early chapters of The Dragon’s Disciple.

2) Name the best sex scene in the work and explain what about it makes it so hot.

Barb–I’d say it’s the one early on when Kiyoshi is just becoming “addicted” to the violent/passionate nature of the assassin Shu. The vibe Shu radiates awakens the vampire nature he’s kept suppressed for two centuries and gets him so worked up that he takes Ryuhei with a passion that borders on violence.

3) If the book was a color—which color would it be and why.

Barb–Why shiny shiny gold for Ryuhei’s favorite haori jacket of course!

4) Which character do you most resemble and why?

Barb–Gobei–a snarky miserable little beast.

5) Which character would you bed? (^_^)

Barb–Ryuhei hands down–he’s the man when it comes to bedroom performances, gay/bi and otherwise.


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