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Gojou Hajime: The Beginning by Kikue Mugen

Posted on: September 23, 2008

During Japan’s 1800’s the samurai became dissatisfied with the shogun for opening their isolated nation to the Western Barbarians. Many rebelled and plotted to overthrow the shogun and restore their emperor to a seat of power. The shogun arranged a band of expert swordsmen to manage the revolution. Given the name, Shinsengumi (Newly Selected Corps), the brave men were commissioned to eliminate the unruly samurai and ronin, sanctioned to kill. The men lived for the moment, for their lives could end in an instant. Under stressful circumstances some of the men turned to one another for comfort, but how far did they venture from there into the realm of taboo? – A fascinating historical, gay, yaoi, erotic fiction for the adult reader 18+.

I’d like to introduce author and artist Kikue Mugen via a brief interview…

1) What inspired you to write the book?

I have to be honest in saying that this whole fiction-writing mission is a spiritual experience for me. Yes, I know that the story is seasoned with hot, spicy, physical bits, but underneath it all I am motivated by the spirit of the historical men who I am, more or less, called to proclaim. People ask me, “What’s in it for me?” My reply would be a simple one. If just one person finds interest through the Gojou Hajime story to investigate and learn about the history of these men, then my mission would be accomplished. The main character inspiration is definitely Saitou Hajime, but then again, that is another story in itself, for I have a list of reasons to explain my spiritual bond with that man.

2) Name the best sex scene in the work and explain what about it makes it so hot.

Hmmmm… Oh heavens, the story is filled with sex, so it is rather difficult for me to pick just one scene. I’d like to answer the question in a general way and encompass most all of the sex scenes together. I do believe, and I am told, that the sex scenes I write usually extends past the physical level. Sure, I get into detailed description, but what is more important to me is what the characters are experiencing on the emotional level. That is where, I believe, what gives the sex scenes that I write its hotness.

Another thing too is the fact that I write from ‘experience’ and not from fantasy. Oh gosh, I’m a terrible fantasy writer if you ask me. However, I’m not half bad recalling explicid details of my past and jot them down as a thrilling scene. I think too, that is what makes the sex scenes sizzle… They’re not unbelieveable…They’re realistic. I was told it is why the story attracks a lot of gay male readers.

For me, they’re all history. I just jot it down from memory. I can’t tell is one scene is hotter than the other. They’re all a part of my emotions and experience. I just hope the readers find it hot enough to get hooked on it.

3) If the book was a color—which color would it be and why.

I painted the story multi-colored to start with. I say that because of all the different emotions involved that the different characters experience throughout the story. In fact, the Japanese meaning of the word Gojou refers to the five passions; anger, joy, hatred, desire and grief. If you ask me, each would be shaded with a different color. To have to choose one particular color to describe the book would only describe Gojou Hajime in part.

4) Which character do you most resemble and why?

I think it would be safe to say that I can be found in every character in Gojou. They’re all a part of me somehow, some more than others, but indeed I live through all. I think it would be easier to for me to tell you which I do not resemble. That would be Hajime, Saito. The reason I say this is because after the years of studying the man, sharing moments with him spiritually connected through meditation and other means, Saitou-san has his very own personage. It is as though he has an existance that is set apart from the rest of the men, because I have gotten to know who he is spiritually and spend a whole lot of time with him in reality.

5) Which character would you bed?

That is easy… I wouldn’t have a problem bedding down with each one of them. I know their physical likes and dislikes anyway, so why not? I’m rather liberal when it comes to sex. However, if you asked me which I would pursue a lasting relationship with, I’d have a difficult time thinking through that. I think it would probably be Mr. Yamanami *grins*. I can just see he and I now… both pondering on something interesting and exchanging thoughts over it. One thing leads to another and before we know it… we find ourselves tangled, making passionate love. Now, that to me, is very hot.

Pick up a copy here…

Get in touch with Kikue at her
site— SOS also has free fanfiction and an art gallery

Visit the store!

Visit the store!

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